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Our Sugar Land Sprinkler Installation Pay Attention To Details

our Sugar Land sprinkler installation techs fixed the drainage issueA sprinkler is only half of your irrigation system. The other half is the drainage system you have installed. In our Gulf area location, humidity doesn't allow ground water to evaporate as readily as it does in other areas of the country. Big name companies often fail to take this into account when designing or repairing your system. On the other hand, our Sugar Land sprinkler installation techs, have grown up in Sugar Land TX and understand the local climate.

Knowing Your Soil Type Goes A Long Way In Having A Drainage System

The biggest problem with drainage in Sugar Land is the uneven nature of the soil in the area. Your yard could be situated on a hard clay subsoil or a loose sand fill. There is a huge difference in the drainage of both these soil types. We'll take soil samples from all over the lawn to make sure you have a consistent soil base and that we know where your drainage is needed.

We specialize in French drain systems. These hidden drains run underneath the lawn so they don't muck up the look of a pristine lawn. Of course, if you'd like to incorporate an open drain, we can make a dry river bed that will divert rainwater to the street and give additional interest to your yard.

We Will Make Sure There's No Standing Water On Your Lawn

a tech is installing a direct line to the municipal lineFor lawns that back up, we can install sump pump systems to drain out the low lying areas so your lawn doesn't become a swamp. We can put a direct line into the lateral drain and municipal drain line to quickly and easily remove the threat of standing water from your yard.

Standing water in a yard can cause all of the following:

  • Mosquito infestation
  • Root rot in annual and perennial plants
  • Soil erosion
  • Slippery surfaces
  • Tree and shrub death

Other drainage concerns can come from rooftop gutter systems not diverting enough water away from the foundation of your home. Foundation repairs are expensive! Let our drainage experts help you divert rainwater to areas of the lawn that can use it or out to the local drain system. Call us now to speak to a drainage pro and get started on a better lawn today!